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Creating Value

from Volatility

OnyxPoint is an alternative asset management firm with a proven history of capitalizing on volatility and dislocation in the commodities sector.

Investing in
tomorrow today

OnyxPoint is known for taking on complex challenges that demand rigorous thinking and finding opportunities that others often miss.

We employ an all-weather approach to identifying the highest risk-adjusted return opportunities for our clients across rising and falling markets.   In doing so, we invest across the entire balance sheet of commodities businesses in public and private markets.

We bring together experience across multiple disciplines in public market investing, private equity, distressed credit, restructuring and litigation. We believe that this interdisciplinary approach to commodities is unique and provides us with a competitive advantage in identifying and capitalizing on the most attractive investment opportunities.

It is our belief that success in commodities starts with loss aversion.  Our focus on creating downside protection with upside optionality has, in our view, been one of the driving factors in our success.

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