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Complementary Public and Private Market Strategies

Fundamental Research
with a Flexible Mandate

We seek to capitalize on the synergies between public and private market investing, drawing on decades of direct private asset ownership, public markets and commodity sector experience.  We believe the cross-pollination of insights across interconnected and cyclical markets plays a key role in driving consistent alpha.

We view our ability to deploy capital with structural duration in a tactical manner as conferring a strategic advantage over traditional hedge funds or private market funds who are often constrained to one form or another of capital duration.

At a Glance

Date of formation

Exposure Across Credit/Equity

Sub-sectors of Focus

Hedge Fund and Private Capital

Core Values

We bring together talented individuals with a wide range of synergistic skills and independent thinking and support them via a deeply collaborative firm culture that rewards results, taking initiative and succeeding with integrity.
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Integrity and Accountability

Foster a culture of integrity, accountability and intellectual honesty by taking responsibility for our actions, decisions, and the result.

Enduring Partnerships

Build enduring relationships with our partners, management teams and colleagues predicated on mutual trust, shared values and a clear alignment of interests.

Singular Focus on Excellence

Extraordinary results can only be accomplished with a singular focus on excellence through the sustained effort, tenacity and passion of our people.

Creativity, Curiosity and Teamwork 

Encourage diversity of thought, prize individual ideas and work together as a team to bring them to life.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

At a time when asset managers are larger than ever, we strive to differentiate ourselves based on an entrepreneurial culture that fosters innovation and rewards creative thinking.


Attract, develop and promote the best possible talent without regard to ethnicity, sexual orientation or religious beliefs in all aspects of our business and investments.

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